Sunday, June 7, 2009

Car Free Challenge

So I decided to do this crazy car-free challenge thing in June, during which I try to only drive 150 miles the entire month. Given the Oakland travelling-nature of my job, this is going to test my resolve, bigtime (see photo--heels and skirt, not a deterrent! crooked helmet, why I'm only mediocre, and kind of a giant dork). I can't tell you the number of times I've prepared to ride to work the evening before, only to awaken and lose all motivation (and, you know, eco-friendly values)! But so far, so good. I rode 4 days last week, even to a school in a sketch neighborhood, and am ready for more.

The other piece of it is that I'm definitely going to take it seriously, which may result in some conflicts between the hubby and I. Once I set my mind, you can be fairly certain it will not waiver. Hence the riding through the 'hood; carrying a 50 lb. bag of cat-food (no carbs! all natural meats!) on my back; and turning down a great ride today through West Marin because the group was driving there (wait.... was I invited?). Well, I kind of like that I can demonstrate discipline--in diet, in self-care, and in the car-free challenge. Now that it's published for the world (or really, my 1 follower, Johnny, little bro thanks!) to see, I better not disappoint!


  1. We need to market and advertise this site more to help get your name even more out there but also if you were not aware I ride my bike to and from work, and even though its only like maybe 5 miles total its for sure worth it. Also I know the feeling of waking up and having no motivation to do so but you just gotta bite the bullet.

  2. Fan #2 checking in. I've always been proud of you and yes, once you set your mind to something you go for it. Keep on pedaling, Namaste, Sandi